Cape Verde Fishing Charters


Cape Verde Fishing Charters are a great choice for deep sea fishing, bottom fish, game fish, best sport fishing for Blue Marlin,  Sailfish, Mahi , Kingfish , Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish, Snapper, and more.

There is never a bad day of fishing here. There are simply too many of the most spectacular fish in the world swimming in these waters.
If a certain fish is not biting, then there are always others that are and there is never a moment to waste in targeting them.
Our fishing crews have been fishing most of their lives, and they are highly skilled.

Cape Verde Fishing Charters

We are here to ensure your fishing charters in Cape Verde  are one of the best experiences of your life. Cape Verde is one of, if not the best destination spots, and Cape Verde Fishing Charters will have you return many times more. Blue marlin  white marlin big yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna, make regular appearances as well. Mahimahi and wahoo are often caught throughout the marlin season, and big amberjack are around most of the year too. Big tigers and whale sharks roam these islands year-round.

The problem is there many fishing charters operating in the area, and sifting through them for the perfect one for you can prove rather difficult.

This is why we have chosen the best of them for you !

Catching fish like, or even a shark and others, is an experience of a lifetime!

Prices vary, based on size of boat, and available amenities. We accept all valid major credit cards American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

We will HOOK YOU UP with the best experience! Let us help you REEL in some Great Memories
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