Florida Swordfishing Charters


The Best Florida Swordfish Charters

We have the best Swordfish charters with tournament Captains. Any angler will confirm that Swordfish are a highly prized game fish.
Swordfish grounds are in the 1,000 to 1,500 foot depths in the middle of the Gulf Stream and Straights of Florida and catching a Sword is a year round sport in Florida. The best Swordfish grounds in Florida are from Jupiter Inlet all the way down to Key West. Swordfishing is not for the timid. They and can reach 1,200 lbs ,offering lucky anglers a brutal fight and trophy size fish. Once hooked are known to shoot straight out of the water then dive straight back down The Swordfish also is one of the fastest swimmers up to 60 mph.

The problem is there many fishing charters operating in the area, and sifting through them for the perfect one for you can prove rather difficult. This is why we have the best for you.  Our Charters are considered by most locals to be the best charter operations.

YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN THE CHARTER BUSINESS. Our Captains treat you special, you are not treated just as a number, or one time charter.



Catching fish such as Swordfish  is extremely satisfying and you will love the possibility and challenge!
We collect no payment information at this time, but if you decide to book, we accept all major credit cards.


Our Charters include All Equipment, Tackle, and Standard Bait and Fuel too!

Call +1 305 985 0024 OR KINDLY FILL IN OUR FORM BELOW WITH LOCATION, DATE, PASSENGER COUNT, AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU WITH A CUSTOM QUOTE.  We will HOOK YOU UP with the best experience!  Dates Fill Up Fast – Contact Us Today

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